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The International Conference on Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Sealing Elements, Precision Mechanics, Tools, Specific Electronic Equipment & Mechatronics HERVEX 2023

24 feb.

The International Conference on Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Sealing Elements, Precision Mechanics, Tools, Specific Electronic Equipment & Mechatronics HERVEX 2023

Valcea County, Romania
8-10 November, 2023

International Conference on Hydraulics and Pneumatics – HERVEX – the most significant international scientific reunion in the field of Fluid Power in Romania
The International Conference offers a common platform for presentation and discussion of innovation trends in FLUID POWER, to manufacturers, dealers, users and scientists.

Scientific lectures and novelties presented in the framework of this event, regarding equipment and integrated systems, will represent a basis for a new impulse towards development and innovation in Fluid Power, activity field which provides high productivity means for better energy efficiency of industrial and mobile equipment.

 Objectives of this Scientific Event

– Establishing and developing research in pneumatics and hydraulics within SMEs;

– Promoting hydrotronics, mechatronics, tribology, green energy and technology transfer as leading areas, while addressing various research projects in the light of these concepts;

– Identifying projects in the field of the conference together with E.U. companies;

– Presenting the concerns of Research Institutes and Research Centers within Technical Universities in front of various production units in Romania in order to identify topics that can be addressed jointly;

– Making contacts between Romanian professionals in hydraulics and pneumatics and experts from foreign companies and universities, in order to develop joint international projects;

– Getting knowledge about the technical innovations of international companies in the field.

International Conference on Hydraulics and Pneumatics – HERVEX has become a forum for manufacturers, users and scientists to present and discuss future developments, application and product innovations and also to share expertise and experience.

Valcea Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Hydraulics & Pneumatics Research Institute in Bucharest have been organizing this event since 1993.

HERVEX has established a reputation for being the industry meeting place where engineers invest in their future. This learning event incorporates a series of in-depth fluid power panel-sessions with a trade fair environment. Exhibitors showcase their products and services to engineering decision-makers, as well as present a panel-session to those who are looking for solutions to today’s engineering challenges. The event gives a broad overview of the state of the art in fluid power both in terms of technology and practical applications.

Attendees are engineers, designers, managers involved in the design, installation, maintenance or repair of machinery & equipment powered by fluid power systems, both hydraulic & pneumatic, from a wide range of markets such as construction, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, lumber, other types of heavy equipment, food processing and packaging industries, as well as maintenance, repair and plant operations.

Also, the researchers and scientists from the Romanian and abroad universities bring an important contribution in developing of the symposium through papers presented as well as by participating in the section of education and training in FLUID POWER.